Don't block your threads with IO bound operations

Many of us use the async/await feature in C# projects, as we know the benefits of asynchronous programming related to IO bound operations. But did you ever look under the hood to check what's going on in your app's threads? In this post we will diagnose a sample app, monitoring it's threads behavior when using sequential, parallel and asynchronous code.

EF Code First - Views and Stored Procedures

Programming an application with Entity Framework and Code First does not mean you won't write any raw SQL anymore. C# code is great for the basic CRUD operations, but as the application grows, there are cases when you need to write complex queries containing various joins (on multiple columns) and aggregate functions

(Book Review) Agile Principles, Patterns and Practices in C#

One of the best books I've read about agile methodologies and agile design, or better said, about the software design in general.

Entity Framework & Database Testing Setup

When you're working on an application which uses some sort of database, there is always a point when you need to test some functionality directly on the database server - e.g. complex LINQ queries, transactions handling etc.

Keeping ASP.NET App Ready

Hosting an ASP.NET app in IIS has its benefits. However, the consequences of on-demand loading and app pool recycling actions are sometimes undesirable. One of them is that after the app pool has been recycled, the application is not initialized until some user hits it.